Children Are Angels From Heaven



St. Vincent's Home

St. Vincentís Home is located right around the corner from where I stay in Calcutta. These children are very special to me and I have over the past few years watched many of them grow up . I know most of the children by their first names.

The Sisters do a great job helping these children to get an education. The children speak English so I can speak to all of them one on one. I try to write these kids once a week and encourage them to try hard in school and get an ďAĒ for effort. One of the children even mailed me a copy of her report card to show me she is trying in school.

It has become a tradition that each year I arrive just before Christmas at St. Vincentís and set up a 6 Ft Christmas tree that I had brought to the children one year. I am very much looking forward to seeing them this year (Nov 2001) as I miss all of them very much. The following letter explains the work and needs of St. Vincents's Home. Please cal me if you would like to make a donation.


Dear Friends,

Since 1868 the Daughters of the Cross of Liege, Belgium have been serving a number of needs in the areas for the care women, young and old. Our main work however is education of youth especially the Poor, Homes for poor and abandoned children, care ot the sick and aged (mentally & physically handicapped are .not excluded) in short all -works of mercy as far as possible.

St.Gertrude's department is a home for young, underprivileged needy girls from poor broken families and unsafe areas. We have 40 under our care at this time . Theses children attend our Schools and after completion of studies in school, they are given a professional training or sent up for higher studies.

Our hostel building is very old and badly in need of repair. The children are badly in need of desks and chairs for their study and with a continuous cry for admission to our hostel we feel compelled to take in 10 more kids and bring up our numbers to 50. This calls for 10 more beds, desks and chairs. We therefore appeal to-you for financial help to repair our hostel and improve the living conditions of the children providing desks and chairs for 50 children and 10 beds for the new comers.

The approximate costt for the beds will be Rs. 60,000 50 desks and chairs Rs. 1,50,000 repair of building Rs. 1,00,000.

Besides these expenses the board and school tuition fees of the Poor children are taken care, of by us. The, yearly amount coming up to 5 lakhs approximately.

Any help towards this charitable work of ours will be gratefidly accepted.

God bless you.

Yours sincerely,


Children are Angels from Heaven